You play as Pollen-8R, a small pollen dispensing creature who lives in a digital world. Your sole responsibility is to pollinate all of the FL0W3RZ before you exhaust all of your reserves.

Go forth and POLLEN8!

### Controls ###

Use <spacebar> to jump and <left> and <right> arrow keys to move.

### Credits ###

@lazerfalcon - Game Design / Programming / SFX / Main character

@ADAMATOMIC - Tile set (

@Christopher_RT - Music

/// Update - Aug. 18, 2018 - Fixed scaling the viewport.


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(trying to play the game, but for me it shows  a tiny screen in the top left corner of the window, so I can't play it.) *Edit* Works now, fun game, nice visuals like the vibe.

It's a cool game, I guess. Fun to play once you get the idea, you have the limited resources, so there's not much room for mistakes. Unfortunately it's not an easy game to play because of the literally thumbnail-sized frame. Zooming in the page makes it a bit bigger, though.

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